Matrix Uniform - Frequently Asked Questions

Should I buy my uniforms if my child has not yet been registered at a school?
Buying a school uniform does not guarantee your child a place at a school. Please ensure your child’s enrolment application has been approved before buying uniforms.
When is the school uniform shop open?
How much will delivery cost?
Please refer to our delivery section.
How long will delivery take?
Please refer to our delivery section.
How do I order products to be picked up by someone else?
When placing your order change the delivery address to the pick up persons name and details. The order will then go to the shop with their name and details, but you will still be billed for the order and the invoice will still be sent to your email address. This is useful if you have a child collecting uniforms you have ordered. You can even save multiple delivery addresses to make future orders easier to collect by different people.
How do I know the right size for my child?
The best option is for your child to go to the uniform shop and try the uniform item on so they can ensure they are happy with the fit. If this is not possible we have documented key measurements for the different products and details on how to measure your child on our How do I measure my child for sizes? page.
What happens if I ordered the wrong size or item?
Please refer to our Returns / Exchanges section.
How do I cancel a transaction that has already been processed?
Should you wish to cancel a transaction please email us at with all the transaction details and the reason for the cancellation.
What happens if the garments received are the wrong / defective?
Please refer to our Returns / Exchanges section.
Where do I enter my credit card details when making an online purchase?
After you press the "Pay Now" button a picture of a credit card will appear with Xs where the credit card number should be. Simply click on the Xs and you will be able to enter your credit card number. The expiry date field and CVV field will also become available once you start entering credit card number. The picture of the credit card will need to be flipped over to enter the CVV number. Once all details are entered press the "Perform Payment" button and wait a few seconds for the details to process.
Do you sell second hand uniforms?
Unfortunately we do not sell second hand uniforms, or take second hand uniforms for resale.