Victoria Park Primary School

Victoria Park Primary School

Our web shop is open all day every day


  • Uniform Shop Information

    Victoria Park Primary School


    Matrix Uniforms Showroom

    1 Hasler Road

    Osborne Park

    WA 6017

    Showroom Opening Hours

    Monday to Friday -8.30am - 4.00pm

    Our web shop is open all day everyday.

    Uniform Sizing Kit

    A full sizing kit of each uniform item is available for children to try on at our Showroom

    If you have not purchased uniforms from us before and are not familiar with our sizing it is highly recommended you use this facility to reduce exchanges and returns.

    Pickup / Delivery Options

    Matrix Uniforms Showroom pickup - no charge.

    Australia Post's Parcel Post and Express Parcel Post are also available for a small surcharge to cover costs. Please refer to our deliveries page for more details.

    Exchanges / Returns

    Please refer to our returns, exchanges and refunds policy.

    Contact Us

    08 6148 5000

    For urgent queries please email

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